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  临床试验概念征集,要求提供内容如下Call for clinical trial concepts

1)     背景介绍Introduction/background

2)     想法与目标Hypothesis and specific objectives

3)     试验方法和设计Trial methodology and design

4)     预期结果和影响Anticipated results and potential impact

5)    符合条件的研究者:年龄小于45周岁,参与临床诊治护理及转化研究,通过学习和实践临床试验,积极改变肿瘤学以改善肿瘤治疗效果,并获得基金项目申请或同行评审出版物出版。

Eligible investigator: Younger than 45, involved in patient care and clinical/translational research, motivated to shake up the field of oncology to improve the cancer care, through learning and practicing clinical trial, grant application and peer reviewed publications.

6)    团队参与要求 Team requirement

研究团队必须包括参与癌症诊治的年轻医师/研究员,年轻研究人员的部门导师/高级领导, 放射科医生,病理学家(最好有),生物学家(可选),物理学家(如果是放射治疗相关临床试验), 统计学家(最好有), 以及伦理专家(可选)。

The investigator team must include the young physician investigator involved in cancer, a mentor/senior leader of the department from the young investigator, a radiologist, a pathologist (preferred), a biologist (optional), a physicist (if a radiation trial), statistician (preferred), as well as an ethic expert (optional).

7)    本次比赛将进行临床试验设计培训,选取几组获胜组,获胜者将获得专家组一对一指导,帮助其将来的项目基金申请及文章发表。

· 参与者将有机会免费参加2019615日现场辅导的临床试验概念培训课程;

· 优秀的临床试验概念将在会议期间展示、获得奖励,并设给海外的一组咨询专家导师,以帮助设计完整的试验并进行临床试验。以最有效的方式申请资助;

· 提出的想法将被保密;

· 专家指导工作将遵循“先到先得”的原则; 如果两个小组提出类似的想法,这两个小组都将有机会出席,并将提出一个双赢的合作计划。

Participants will have an opportunity to attend the clinical trial training course with hand by hand mentoring onsite June 15, 2019. Excellent trial concepts will be presented during the conference. The principal investigator will be waived for meeting registration. Outstanding trial concepts will be awarded and will be assigned to a team of advisory experts oversea to develop the full protocol, conduct the clinical trial, apply for grant funding and publish more productively. Ideas presented will be kept confidential. The expert mentoring effort will follow “the first come first serve” principle. Should two groups present a similar idea, both of these groups will be given an opportunity to present; a win-win collaborative plan will be proposed.

8)    文件要求:最多2页,中英文,12号字体,Times New Roman

Document requirements: up to 2 pages, in both English and Chinese, 12 fonts, Times New Roman. Figure, table or study schema are encouraged











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